Update: TForce Final Mile Bargaining Begins

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Monday January 22 2018

In December, we issued a bulletin introducing the negotiators for the TForce Final Mile (f.k.a. Dynamex) bargaining units. The negotiating committee has served notice to bargain to Transforce (the parent corporation of TForce Final Mile), and has met to review demands and strategy.

We’re trying to make history with this round of bargaining and increase our leverage by bargaining with TransForce as one, and pursuing a collective agreement that covers workers in all the existing bargaining units. Transforce is a huge multinational force in shipping and logistics, and in response we are building a significant force of workers to stand up for our rights and a better working life. The more we can unite for our collective interests, the more we can improve everyone’s conditions.

Thank you for attending the demands ratification meetings last year. The program of demands and the seniority change have been ratified, and your participation helps define our negotiators’ mandate.

Please stay informed and get involved with your local. We will inform you whenever we can of developments. It will be important to visibly show support for our negotiators as the process unfolds, and to let Transforce know that the will of the membership is strong behind the negotiating committee. That’s how we build our collective power and get a good collective agreement.

It’s also crucial that the bargaining committee know about things the employer may do during bargaining to interfere with workers or change conditions. Please notify your local of any changes to your working conditions or environment.

The best way for you to stay informed is to sign up for eDigest at cupw.ca/edigest – it’s a weekly roundup of all the news on the CUPW website.


In solidarity,

Jan Simpson
Chief Negotiator and 1st National Vice-president