Upcoming Changes for Groups 3 & 4

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Friday June 28 2019
No 82

In the current round of negotiations, the parties (CUPW and CPC) agreed to create a new classification in Group 3 (VHE-10 Full-Service Vehicle Mechanic) and to form a committee to study and implement changes in an effort to streamline the roles in Groups 3 and 4.  The committee will begin its work as soon as possible and any changes, if agreed upon, will be implemented during the life of the new collective agreement.


New Classification and Wage Adjustments

The Union achieved our demand for a new classification of Full-Service Vehicle Mechanic (VHE-10). This new classification will be paid at a rate 7.2% higher than VHE-9.

All current VHE-9 employees, that are qualified, will have an opportunity to be reclassified as VHE-10.

  • There will be no change in the wage charts for all current MAM-10 (whom presently receive the PST-8)
  • MAM-11 or EL-5 employees, no change
  • All MAM-11 C-3 (Lead Hand) employees will be paid at the EL-5 rate
  • All MAM-10 employees that did not qualify for the MAM-11 rate (PST-8) under Appendix “OO” will now receive the MAM-11 wage rates.

Note: The parties are close to signing a memorandum to have the new wage rates take effect on October 31, 2019.

Committee Process

The Language Review Committee for Groups 3 & 4 will be comprised of two members selected by the Union and two members selected by Canada Post. The mandate of this committee will be to attempt to streamline the roles in Groups 3 & 4 and create a single “Group” for Engineering and Maintenance.

Within 60 days of the signing of a new collective agreement the committee shall work on the following (note: we are close to signing a memorandum with CPC to start this process immediately.):

  • a job description for the new Lead Hand classification in Group 3 and Group 4; and
  • review and finalize an implementation plan on how standby (clause 15.27) and call-back (clause 17.02 (d)) will form part of the working conditions of the new Lead Hand classification in Group 3.

Upon completion of the review and if the national executive board and the Corporation reach an agreement on all provisions for a combined Group, the collective agreement will be deemed to be modified as of the date that a memorandum of agreement is signed by both parties.


In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit