Personal Protective Equipment and Plexiglass – Your Demands Matter!

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Tuesday March 31 2020

As we’ve been saying since this crisis began, collective action is the key, more than ever, to getting through this together, in the best possible state of health and safety.

Pressure from local union representatives and members makes a difference and we’re seeing the results.


Personal Protective Equipment

We now know that CPC has acquired additional Personal Protective Equipment for postal workers. There is a supply of sanitary wipes, gloves and hand sanitizer on the way to installations. This supply should apparently be enough for the coming months.



Plexiglass has been obtained to shield retail counters, and installation is underway in some regions.

Please inform your local health and safety representative or your shop steward if the supplies aren’t provided soon, are not where they need to be, or if there are other issues.


Safe Actions by the Public Required

Members and CUPW representatives have been taking every opportunity to inform the public about what they need to do to safeguard the health and safety of postal workers. We are making progress and our community allies are getting more and more vocal about how our members’ health enables the rest of the population to self-isolate.


Solidarity for Public Safety

Together we can #flattenthecurve, as long as postal workers stay healthy. From the membership to the national leadership,

we have to keep pushing management to improve protections for postal workers. This is how we’ll apply the collective strength of CUPW to slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and resolving the crisis as soon as possible.

Let’s also remember our members and others who work for employers other than Canada Post: our same-day couriers, our medical dispatchers, our cleaners, the Foodora couriers, and others who are all on the front line with us. You’ll find ways to support them on


Keep standing together, your demands and actions make a difference.


In solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President