Organizing and Negotiations in CUPW

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Thursday April 19 2012

Applications for certifications

TNT Express

The certification application of TNT Express - Ottawa is facing a lot of challenges from the employer and now we know why. United Parcel Service (UPS) will pay $6.85 billion for Dutch peer TNT Express in a deal making the world's largest package delivery company the market leader in Europe.

UPS will also get access to TNT's stronger networks in the fast-growing Asian and Latin American markets, bringing the U.S. company's global sales up to over 45 billion euros.

UPS has long looked at TNT as a way to help it expand in Europe, especially Britain, France and Germany.

TNT is contesting CUPW’s application under the federal labour code despite the existence of a federal certification in Montreal with another union.


Legal Battles


CUPW filed an application for certification and single employer (CPC and Adecco) on October 27, 2005 and November 2005 respectively with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) in respect of the Adecco workers in the Custom and Postal Import Program (CPIP) operation at the Gateway postal facility in Mississauga. In May 2006, CUPW filed an amended certification application seeking to include Vancouver and Montreal operations as well.

The Board determined that section 35 application would be heard first and therefore the certification application and our request to amend the application would be held in abeyance.

On July 7, 2010 The Board issued its decision (Adecco Employment Services Limited, 2010 CIRB 528), in which it dismissed the section 35 application filed by CUPW requesting a single employer declaration with respect to CPC and Adecco.

On March 29, 2012 the Board decided to grant CUPW request for amendment and consider the membership evidence on file for Mississauga employees  as of date of the filing of the application for certification (October 27, 2005) and the membership evidence on file for Montreal and Vancouver employees as of the amendment date (May 9, 2006).

The amended application for certification is therefore returned to the Board’s Industrial Relations Officer for further processing and investigation. Hopefully we can soon start negotiations and improve the working conditions of these workers,

It has been a long time waiting to hear this decision that went in CUPW’s favour!

In solidarity,
If you know anyone who would like to have their workplace organized by CUPW have them visit our website.
George Floresco
3rd National Vice-President (2002-2019)