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CUPW launched its postal banking campaign with a giant inflatable piggy bank in downtown Ottawa.

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Thursday May 3 2018
After several months of mediation and discussions with Canada Post, it is time to take our negotiations to the next level. We have focused on our needs and concerns and now is the time to focus on solutions that will address our demands. The mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services will continue to work with the parties.
Wednesday May 2 2018
The pay equity arbitration hearings are over and we are now waiting for arbitrator Flynn to render her decision. She has informed the parties that we can expect a decision within 30 days.
Thursday April 19 2018
The Negotiating Committee has been meeting with Canada Post negotiators since January, as part of the mediation process requested by the Union. We are using a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services to help the parties reach an agreement.
Friday April 6 2018
True job security is based on secure, valuable and predictable work, and insuring the future of our work.
Wednesday March 28 2018
As the world around us gets busier, more hectic and our work/life balance is becoming unbalanced, sometimes we need someone to turn to that we know and trust. In some cases the stress levels can become unbearable. Social stewards are trained and will listen. The idea of social stewards is not new, but now is the time to have them recognized in our collective agreement.
Tuesday March 20 2018
More than 1/3 of workers in Canada have or will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and for more than half of those affected, the violence has followed them to work. We need to remove the stigma that domestic violence is a private matter.
Friday March 9 2018
A major need of Letter Carriers and Mail Service Couriers is “Access to Information”. This means access to how your route is structured, including the background information, data on the percentage of coverage, volume base of parcels and software used to structure routes.
Thursday March 1 2018
Group 1 staffing has been a major concern for many years. In fact, the ratio of full-time hours is even lower now than when we first negotiated Appendix “P” in 1999.
Friday February 23 2018

As we always take the necessary steps to ensure that only members perform any duties within the bargaining unit under any circumstances, our demand

Friday February 9 2018
The mediation process is ongoing. Remember that every single one of our demands remains on the table and we are working hard to show Canada Post why our demands are so important to all of us. We must all continue to remind Canada Post that we want improved working conditions, wages, benefits, proper staffing, increased and improved services for the public and a greener Canada Post.

Support Postal Banking - Download and Sign the Petition

Canada needs a postal bank. Thousands of rural towns and villages in our country do not have a bank, but many of them have a post office that could provide financial services. As well, nearly two million Canadians desperately need an alternative to payday lenders. A postal bank could be that alternative. Download and sign the petition urging the Government of Canada to instruct Canada Post to add postal banking, with a mandate for financial inclusion.


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