More Quarantine, Admail Improvements

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Monday April 6 2020

On April 6, we’ve confirmed a change in Canada Post Corporation’s (CPC) practice for:  

  • Workers over 70,
  • Pregnant workers, and
  • Immune-suppressed/High-risk workers.

Permanent workers who fall under these categories will have access to quarantine leave (which is at 100% of regular pay). Members in these categories who have used personal days since the beginning of the crisis will have their days restored.



Over the past weekend, Canada Post Corporation confirmed that local management will now be authorized to make alternate delivery arrangements for admail.

That means that based on discussions with their local supervisors, Group 2 workers and RSMCs will be able to alter their delivery of unaddressed admail to limit the exposure they have with the public and with various surfaces.


Ensuring EVERYONE’s Safety

We’ve been addressing these issues with Canada Post since the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis. It takes strong member support to see breakthroughs and responses. 

Keep up the pressure on management to do better – these are the results.

It is no exaggeration to say that union activism in times like these saves lives of postal workers and the public.


In solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President