Introducing our TForce Final Mile Negotiating Committee

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Thursday December 14 2017

The National Executive Board has appointed the negotiating committee to represent our TForce Final Mile (formerly Dynamex) bargaining units in the upcoming round of bargaining. The Chief Negotiator of the committee is Sister Jan Simpson, 1st National Vice-President. She will be supported by Sisters Maddie Cleroux, Cindy McDonnell, and Lana Smidt – Grievance Officers for the Central, Pacific and Prairie regions, and 4 members who currently work for TForce Final Mile. Let’s look at the diversity and range of the committee’s experience:

Laurie Ezako:

A member of the Victoria Local, Laurie brings years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry and previously served on the negotiating committee during the 2013 and 2016 rounds of bargaining in BC. Laurie’s knowledge of the work has been instrumental when making recommendations for route improvements, successfully saving jobs in the process.                                                                           

Dave Miller:

Dave has been a driver with TForce for nearly 20 years, and has been active in CUPW since 1999 as a steward, local executive officer and organizer. He currently holds the position of Private Sector Officer on the Saskatoon Local executive, and has represented TForce workers during 3 separate rounds of collective bargaining, for both Saskatoon-Winnipeg, and BC negotiations.

Dave Phillips:

A driver with 20 years’ experience working out of the Red River Local in Winnipeg, Dave has been active in fighting for workers’ rights. He has long been a shop steward in the local and, after being encouraged by his co-workers, has recently taken on the position of local president. Dave also served on the negotiating committee for Winnipeg and Saskatoon during the last round of bargaining.

Patrick Ward:

Patrick helped bring Kelowna Dynamex workers into CUPW in 2011, and sat on the negotiating committee for their first collective agreement. He was also involved in the following round of bargaining, where we combined all Dynamex workers in BC under one collective agreement. Active from his start in the union, Patrick is currently the President of the Kelowna Local of CUPW – the first private sector worker to hold the president position in a local of postal and private sector workers!

We are confident that our negotiating committee will do us all proud at the bargaining table. We all welcome them and express congratulations and full support!

Stay informed on our negotiations as the pace picks up soon.


Jan Simpson
1st National Vice-President (2015-2019)