Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday October 5 2018
No. 44

Your negotiating committee and National Executive Board are in Ottawa working hard to negotiate new collective agreements.


The Clock is Ticking

There is a possibility that a 72-hour strike or lockout notice may be issued, but your negotiating committee is determined to achieve good, negotiated collective agreements without any industrial action. The National Executive Board is prepared to take any steps necessary to get what we deserve.


Time For Thanks

Your negotiating committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your great solidarity activities that have been ongoing during the last few weeks. The pictures and messages of support are a great morale booster as we work hard to achieve your demands. Please continue with the actions and keep us informed of what you are doing.


It Is Time CPC

This weekend is the time for Canada Post to work with us to address the many demands that we have to improve our health and safety, working conditions, wages, benefits and staffing. On Tuesday morning, we want to be able to report that it was a successful Thanksgiving weekend at the bargaining table.


Stay Informed and Stay Strong

At this stage, important developments may come at any time. You can follow CUPW on twitter at (https://www.twitter.com/cupw) and at https://www.facebook.com/cupwsttp/ – and sign up for all the latest news at https://www.cupw.ca/cupw-eDigest.


Enjoy Your Weekend!

In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
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