Nova Scotia Medical Communications - Negotiations

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CUPW has been bargaining with Emergency Medical Care since April of 2019. Talks have been unproductive so far. CUPW is concerned about employer reluctance to bargain as well as the upcoming Fitch and Associates report, whose release has been postponed by the provincial Health Minister.

This bargaining unit represents about 50 members, trained paramedics who coordinate and dispatch ambulances throughout Nova Scotia. Our members are proud that every caller into the Provincial Medical Communications Centre is speaking with a trained paramedic in their time of need, before EHS arrives physically on the scene. We’re the first contact in the team of medical care professionals who help Nova Scotians survive and recover from emergencies.

Emergency services availability, timeliness and quality are at stake. Our members are negotiating to maintain the standard of health care in Nova Scotia and to resist service cutbacks.


Latest News

Friday January 17 2020
After nearly nine months of largely unproductive talks, on January 15, 2020, the Union presented a global offer to the employer. The offer, made on a without prejudice basis, included the issues discussed at the previous GMMs, such as wage increases in the years after Bill 148 that would see Communications Officers back on par with the wages of an ACP; an increase to annual leave entitlements; payout of unused Education Allowance; introduction of a Temporary Employee Supplement; addressing the unilateral change made by the employer to the designation of SCOs and the payment of the responsibility premium; and, finally, addressing the LTD premiums by joining the HANS LTD plan.