Canada Post issues: Myth or Reality?

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Thursday May 14 2015

Canada Post is costing taxpayers money.

FALSE: 17 of the last 18 years have been profitable. Canada Post handed to the federal government $ 1.5 billion in taxes and dividends.

Canada Post has created a deficit of $ 250 million in 2012.

FALSE: In 2012, Canada Post has recorded a profit of $ 94 million. The Conference Board of Canada predicted a deficit of              $ 250 million for that year!!

Canada Post will lose $ 1 billion in 2020.

FALSE: That infamous number came from the Conference Board of Canada, based on projections that were already off by more that $300 Million even for 2012 – the year before the report was released. How can they pretend to be able to predict what will happen in 2020?

Canada Post will be in deficit this year.

FALSE: There’s no reason to think 2015 couldn’t be as good as 2014, when the Corporation posted $204 Million in profit!

Canada Post CEO, Deepak Chopra, serves on the board of the Conference Board of Canada.

TRUE!: He even ordered the study himself made by the Conference Board. In summary, a study commissioned by Canada Post, funded by Canada Post, thought and written by the CEO of Canada Post, for Canada Post!

Canada Post has held public consultations about the end of the home mail delivery.

FALSE: Canada Post has held private consultations, meaning, by invitation only, in 46 municipalities. The citizens were not invited!

Canada Post has begun privatization.

TRUE: In recent years, Canada Post has closed several outlets and replaced them with franchises in pharmacies. There, you will find employees who are doing the same work as the postal workers but they are non-unionized, they are paid less and they do not have the knowledge of all the products and services.

Letter mail decreases.

TRUE!: But in return, the parcel business is steadily increasing. In the past year, there has been a 30% increase in parcel delivery!

There is no alternative to ensure the viability of Canada Post.

FALSE: The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has asked Canada Post to develop new services, such as banking.

In Canada, the bank market is already saturated. There is no place for a postal bank.

FALSE: If there is a country known to have a different bank on every street corner, well it is Switzerland! Switzerland has its postal bank and in 2012, Swiss Post drew 71% of its revenues from its postal bank operations.

Canada Post has already conducted a study on the possibility of offering banking services.

TRUE: For four years, Canada Post conducted a secret study on banking services. The study suggests that financial services would be a winning and gainful strategy. Canada Post abruptly ended the study shortly before announcing its five-point plan. With the Access To Information Act, independent newspaper Blacklock's Reporter got the report entitled Banking: A Proven Diversification Strategy. Out of the 811 pages of the report, 701 were censored...

Canada would become the first industrialized nation to end home delivery.

TRUE!: Canada would be the only G7 country to no longer offer home mail delivery. The G7 is the group of the seven most industrialized countries including Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan.

What can you do to Save Canada Post?

You can ask Canada Post and the Harper government to conduct a review of the mandate in order to send your comments or memories. We need your help to continue to provide the services for which you qualify and if the Harper government refuses to listen to us, then we will make our voices heard at the next federal election to be held in 2015. To contact Canada Post : 1-866-607-6301

We must take into account the aging of the population and the growing number of citizens with disabilities. We must strive to continue to deliver the mail to the people and save such a valuable service to the public.

Together, we will prevail!