Arbitration Update

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Thursday May 30 2019
No 79

Arbitration Issues So Far

We’ve been participating in the arbitration process set down by Bill C-89, the back-to-work legislation that passed last November. Although we believe the law is unconstitutional and violates our charter rights, we will abide by it while we challenge it in the courts.

That’s why you’re currently working under the terms of the expired contracts, and that’s why we are in this arbitration process.

The negotiating committee is working hard on presenting evidence to the arbitrator on the issues that were on the bargaining table, and bringing in witnesses who can explain to her the actual work process, issues and the impact on their lives.

Here’s a round-up of the issues that we’ve addressed in arbitration so far, for both bargaining units.


Urban Postal Operations unit

RSMC unit

  • Multiple-bundle delivery method
  • Pay for all hours worked including overtime
  • Percentage of coverage formula and mail volume index
  • Pension on hours beyond Schedule "A" hours, up to 8 hours per day
  • Unwanted overtime on own route
  • Coverage of all absences
  • Overburdening
  • Restructures
  • Health and Safety issues including increased injury rates
  • Maximizing number of 8-hour routes
  • Short-Term Disability Plan
  • Short-Term Disability Plan
  • Leave for other Reasons (Special Leave)
  • Leave for Other Reasons (Special Leave)


  • Post-retirement benefits – eligibility date


The following are other topics that the Arbitrator recognized as matters in dispute, that still need to be presented:


Urban Postal Operations unit

RSMC unit

  • Wages and Cost of Living Allowance
  • Wages and Cost of Living Allowance
  • Staffing Group 1
  • Maintaining Pay Equity
  • Injury on Duty Leave
  • Injury on Duty Leave
  • Union Education Fund
  • Union Education Fund
  • Job Security
  • Job Security
  • Contracting Out/New Services
  • Contracting out and Job Retention
  • Union Proposals for Joint Projects (Social Stewards, Environment, and Service Expansion)
  • Union Proposals for Joint Projects (Social Stewards, Environment, and Service Expansion)
  • Updating of Expiry Dates in the Collective Agreement
  • Weekend Parcel Delivery
    (CPC demand)
  • Temporary Staffing Group 2
    (CPC Demand)


  • Temporary Workforce to Reduce Overtime (CPC Demand)



Days 14 and 15 and the Next Steps

Days 14 and 15 of the arbitration are now complete. We provided expert evidence from Dr. Daniel Robinson on the ergonomic impacts of the two (multi)-bundle delivery method.

We began our presentation of our evidence on some of the problems with the STDP with testimony from Sister Jackie Lester, a RSMC from Surrey, BC and Sister Debbie Carmichael, the former Ontario Regional Grievance Officer. We will continue this evidence on June 10.


Negotiate Now!

While we are engaging in the legislated process, we’re still working to bring Canada Post back to the negotiating table

Having a new National President – Jan Simpson – and a relatively new CEO at Canada Post Corporation – Doug Ettinger – may be a good opportunity to resume negotiations and pursue a negotiated settlement. We know that’s the preferred way to address our issues and move forward.

Stay informed, stay engaged, and keep telling the boss that we want real solutions to our issues – we want negotiated collective agreements.


In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
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